Frequently Asked for Questions

Are the flowers real, or plastic?

Nothing but the best of the best. Roses in the bouquet’s will be real and fresh, hand picked and plucked from a ‘Mom and Pop’ Floral Shop.

What made you do this?

As the social media fight of ‘Is Romance Dying?’ repetitive and undeniably annoying, this Dozen Rose Delivery service proves – it’s not. Partner’s who value their person will always go miles to show their appreciation. And what better way is there to do that, than with a rose?

Can I Order a Bouquet before February?

Absolutely. In fact, the earlier the better. Ordering online through our inquiry page or email is an option – (all forms of payment are accepted). You want your delivery to be a seamless process -from placing your order all the way to us placing those flowers in their hands. The sooner we can work out details, the more present you can be in enjoying your significant others’… well, joy.

Will you only be setting up in The Union?

We are considering setting up shop in other buildings such as West Village and the Science Complex. For now expect to come to The Union, to see the display of the Bouquet Color and Size Options..

Is this expensive?

Love doesn’t really have a price… now does it. Our Roses are only subject to three different prices which range solely due to size. We have a small, medium and large bouquet – the largest (a bouquet of 36 roses) of course costing the most).

What should I expect from partaking in this holiday event?

Nothing. Expect nothing but a smile from your partner and a email confirmation from us. You will be notified when your payment has gone through, the day before deliveries and then day-of, when bouquets have been dropped off.

If there are any other questions, don’t hesitate to email us!


Spring ’22

Welcoming our Newest Product:

Archiive’s Spring 22′ Skin Care Soft Launch contains citrus and mint exfoliators, cleansers and moisturizer’s. Created for both men and woman, looking to shed dead weight and dead skin cells, reviving and recovering lively energies.

Our intention based products heal not only physically- but spiritually. Turning skincare into more of a metaphysical experience.

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